Ph.D Students


Jeung-Hyun Kwonjeunghyun

M.S. in Web Science and Technology at KAIST, Korea. (2014)

B.S. in Computer Science at Hanyang University, Korea. (2012)

Email: arunson .AT.

Research Interests: Web Service, Software Testing, Web Application Development



Min-Hyeop Kimminhyeop

M.S. in Computer Science at KAIST, Korea. (2015)
B.S. in Computer Science at KAIST, Korea. (2013)

Email: soulflight .AT.

Research Interests: Service Resource Allocation


Kyeongdeok BaekKyeongdeok Baek

B.S. in Computer Science at KAIST, Korea.

Email: blest215 .AT.

Research Interests: Service Discovery, IoT



Master’s Students


Sanggyu NamSanggyu Nam

B.S. in Computer Engineering at Hanyang University, Korea.

Email: sanggyu.nam .AT.

Research Interests: Service Computing, Web Application Development



Noé Domínguez-Porras

B.S. in Communications and Information Engineering at ITESM, Mexico.

Email: noe_dgz .AT.

Research Interests: Service Computing, Human Computation, Service Composition and Mashup


Thanh Duong Ta

B.S. in Computer Science at Technical University of Berlin, Germany.

Email: tdta .AT.

Research Interests: IoT, Distributed Computing, Service Computing


Yeongjun Cho

B.S. in Computer Science at Chung-Ang University, Korea.

Email: yj_cho .AT.

Research Interests: Software Testing, Web application Development, Repository Mining