We are working on software engineering issues of building software systems that effectively utilize various Web-based resources, are adaptable to changing needs and conditions in highly dynamic environments, and allow end users to participate in the evolution of the software.

Research Areas

  • Service computing
    • Task-oriented service provision
    • Service composition/mashups
    • Service-oriented architecture
  • Dynamic and adaptive software engineering
    • Adaptive and evolvable software
    • Knowledge-based software engineering
    • End-user software engineering
  • Web applications
    • Web application testing 
    • Semantically-based recommendations
    • Semantic and mobile Web applications
    • Web-based information management

Detailed Research Topics

The Web: A Platform for Software Engineering

The Web_ a platform for software engineering

  • Provides repositories for searching software services
  • Provides a medium for deploying software as services
  • Supports protocols to access software services
  • Supports an environment to dynamically compose (assemble or synthesize) applications


Categories of Web Applications

category of web


Spontaneous Service Computing Environments

Spontaneous Service Computing Environments


New Trends

  • Web as a Platform
  • Mobile Web & “The One Web”
  • Internet of Things
    • A network of objects
  • Internet of Services
    • Locating and Accessing Services
    • Service Mash-up
    • Semantic Web Services
  • Urban Computing
  • Web 3.0
    • Future Internet with its three central pillars “Social Web”, “Semantic Web” and “Service Web” [Christoph Meinel]


 Paradigm Shift in Software Development

Paradigm Shift in Software Development

Main Approaches

  • Task-oriented Service Computing
    • Enable high-level software design (in multiple abstractions) with primarily considering user tasks
    • Support iterative and gradual development
    • Improve reusability
    • Enable application adaptability
    • Enable service-privacy tradeoff
  • Dynamic & Adaptive Software Engineering
    • Improve correctness and context awareness
    • Improve interoperability
    • Support semi-automatic composition
    • Enable end-user programming (mash-ups)



On-going projects:

  • Development and On-the-fly Verification of System of Systems for Reliable and Intelligent CPS Applications
    • Funded by National Research Foundation of Korea
    • Period: September 1, 2017 – December 31, 2020
  • Improving Test-case Quality by Predicting Module Risks
    • Funded by the Software Center of Samsung Electronics
    • Period: April 17, 2017 – December 29, 2017
  • Autonomously Collaborating IoT Objects for Building Spatial Knowledge
    • Funded by Institue for Information & Communications Technology Promotion
    • Period: April 1, 2017 – December 31, 2018
  • User-centric Service Provision Using Fog Computing in Widely Distributed Internet of Things Environments
    • Funded by National Research Foundation of Korea (NRF)
    • Period: June 1, 2016 ~ May 31, 2019.

Research Projects

  • Spontaneous Service Provision in IoT Environments (KCC)
    • Role-based proactive service provision
    • On-demand service requirements identification and composition
    • Service reconfiguration and optimization based on cognitive resources


  • Dynamic and Distributed Service Discovery & Composition in Tactical Edge Environments (ADD)


Dynamic Service Discovery & Composition in Tactical Edge Environments
  • Component Grid: A Knowledge-based Software Reuse Environment (DAPA/ADD)
Component Grid_ An Innovative Software Reuse Environment
  • Semantic-Cloud-based Content Recommendation (KT)

Semantic-Cloud-based Content Recommendation

  • Service-oriented Common Operation Environment for Unmanned Weapon Systems (Samsung Thales)